Facebook and mobile ads

Let’s talk about advertising. Facebook has definitely lost time

Facebook has neglected the mobile traffic from the beginning. Its application is not even comparable in graphics functionality and performance to that of Google. Even Twitter is better.
And above all, Twitter monetizes mobile as few. Like no other, in fact.
Facebook has neglected aspects of mobile devices, losing potential earnings on the new Eldorado, made up of smartphones and tablets.

Now – we learn from TechCrunch – Menlo Park run for cover. they will present, in a short time, a new advertising system oriented to mobile devices.
The idea is to create a real network, through which move the advertising to iOs and Android applications, as well as to some websites optimized.

Everything will be based on ad customization. Moreover, Facebook has access to an indefinite amount of user data. Here then that criteria such as age, geographic location, preferences shown through Amazon, or the interest declared by the users during their navigation of the social network, become a launching pad for an advertising platform well done.

According to what reported by TechCrunch, will come an independent network. That will not touch, then, the official Facebook application. A Menlo Park they decided to jump on the advertising market, so to speak. You know, ad management, collection of ads and more. Facebook is in the middle, between advertiser and application to sort. A format already seen. Maybe it will work.

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